Adv. Suresh Mane seeks redrafting of political reservation- Sanvidhan Parishad held.


Gadchiroli Sept. 12 (District Correspondent) Stating that the representatives elected from the reserved categories to the parliament and state Assemblies have miserably failed in resolving the issues before the backward classes even after 75 years of Independence, noted constitutional expert and founder President of Bahujan Republican Socialist Party (BRSP) Adv. Suresh Mane has expressed the need of redrafting the policy of political reservations.

He was delivering the presidential speech at the ‘Sanvidhan Parishad’ organized by the district unit of BRSP at Sumanand Hall here on Sunday.

Former MLA and General Secretary of Congress party Dr. Namdeo Usendi, All India Republican Party;s Rohidas Raut, Shetkari Kamgar Party’s State Council member Bhai Ramdas Jarate, BRSP’s Vidarbha President Vishesh Futane, General Secretaries Ramesh Patil, Bhashkar Bambode, Sanjay Mangar, Secretaries Dr. Kailash Nagrale, Adv. Bhupendra Raipure, District President Milind Bambode, Dr. Punam Ghonmode of the Women’s Front were prominently present on the occasion.

Speaking further Dr. Mane said that there are as many as 131 members of parliament from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, 137 members from the OBCs and 37 from the minorities. However no forceful voice of these classes is seen having been raised on the floor of parliament as they act on the agenda of their parties. How can they become the representatives of the backward classes. Should the SC, ST, OBCs remain merely the voters, Mane asked citing various examples of the negligence over the basic issues.

The political reservation, that was initially for just ten years, has been extended time and again without anybody’s demand or any agitation. But this system has been working less in the interest of the backward classes and more against them, Mane alleged. The system has thus failed in safeguarding the interests of the backwards hence it is not acceptable to us, he asserted.

The political and economic system is centred in the hands of handful of people for the years together who have always been exploiting the poor and the backwards. Those elected from the reserved categories however do not speak against this. There should be a provision to recall these representatives on their failure to redress the issues of the backward classes, Mane further said.

Dr. Usendi said that the Dalits and backwards in the country have been facing problems and lack the facilities for the years together. Though the Constitution is the most ideal, efforts of weakening it are also being made that is not good for the society. All the like-minded people and the parties should come together to fight against this injustice, he said.

Mr. Rohidas Raut expressed concern over the present socio- political scenario in the country and asserted that all the secular parties and organizations should come together to fight against the oppressive regime and to save the Constitution and democracy.

Mr. Jarate said the issues of the tribals in the district have remained unsolved despite all the representatives from the reserved categories. The voice of the people is being suppressed and the system has been working for the few capitalists. To change the situation, we will have to fight together and enforce the proper implementation of the Constitution, he underlined.

Mr. Vishesh Futane, Adv. Raipure, Bhashkar Bambode also expressed their views on the occasion. Dr. Kailash Nagrale made an introductory speech and gave the details of the Parishad, Mr. Raj Bansod conducted the programme and Pritesh Ambade proposed the vote of thanks.

Photo- Adv. Suresh Mane, Dr. Namdeo Usendi and others seen at the Parishad.




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