Adv. Lalsu Nogoti meets Medha Patkar, discusses about Todgatta agitation.

lalsu nogoti
Adv. Lalsu Nogoti discussing with Ms. Medha Patkar as Adv. Deepak Chatap looks on.

Gadchiroli Nov. 19 (District Correspondent) Noted tribal activist Adv. Lalsu Nogoti met the leader of the Narmada Rescue Movement and social worker Medha Patkar at village Bibi in Rajura taluka of Chandrapur district and discussed with her about the ongoing agitation of the tribal against the mining projects in the district.

Ms. Patkar had come to this village for the award ceremony. During this meeting, there was a detailed discussion about the sanctioned and proposed mining in Gadchiroli district. She was also informed about the agitation going on in village Todgatta in Etapalli taluka to oppose this illegal mining. On this occasion, many other important issues of Gadchiroli district were also discussed in detail.

The policy of looting the country, changing the constitution and laws is being carried out by the rulers and industrialists together. Tribals are being displaced in the name of development. After abolishing 39 laws, the government introduced 4 new anti-democratic laws for companies and investors. Those who fight against this are being labelled as anti-development, urban Naxals, opined Ms. Patkar.

The protestors who are conducting mass protests across the country for the protection of water-forest-land are real non-violent satyagrahis of resource protection. But the rulers are no longer thinking of these people. They only think about the elections, Medha Patkar further said adding that the common people are suffering its consequences.

Adv. Nogoti, who has been leading the Todgatta tribal’s agitation told about the losses being suffered by the tribals due to mining projects and gave detailed information about the agitation. The agitation started by the tribals from more than 50 villages in the area has completed 250 days but the government has not taken any action on the issues being raised by the agitators, he pointed out urging Ms. Patkar to intervene in the matter. Adv. Deepak chatap, social activist was also present during the visit.



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