Adiwasi Yuwa Parishas demands early ouster of Gondwana University VC.

oust gondwana vc
The members of Adiwasi Vikas Yuwa Parishad submitting a memorandum to the RDC.

Gadchiroli Aug. 24 (District Correspondent) Adiwasi Vikas Yuwa Parishad, an organization of the tribal youths has demanded immediate ouster of the Gondwana University Dr. Prashant Bokare for his attitude of propagating one particular ideology and religion in the university deliberately ignoring the secular structure of the constitution.

A delegation of the Parishad recently met the Resident Dy. Collector Suryawanshi and submitted him a memorandum addressed to the Governor of Maharashtra, who is also the Chancellor of the universities, in this regard.

The Parishas has listed various things about the functioning of the VC in this memorandum. Periodically organizing lectures of the propagandists and supporters of RSS who use the language of radical Hinduism and Hindu Rashtra creation and spending university funds on such programmes, compelling all employees to attend such lectures. Placing photos of particular deity and worshiping it instead of garlanding the portraits of social reformers. Performing ‘hom-havan’ rituals while doing vastu -pravesh of various buildings in the university.

Giving second class treatment to the backward class employees and officers of the university, appointing them to a lower position, making strategies to deprive them of their rights and privileges.

Opening a study chair in the name of Jana Sangh founder Deendayal Upadhyay to inculcate RSS ideology in the university in heavy police presence despite the strong opposition of various tribal and Bahujan organizations in the district. The inaugural program of this Cahir was performed by inviting a few RSS-BJP workers and others were barred from participating in the event.

The name of Dattaji Didolkar, the founder of ABVP, who had no any connection with the Gondwana University was given to a under construction building by the VC.

The persons belonging to RSS were recommended by the VC to the posts to be nominated as members of various committees, boards, councils of the university to the Chancellor of the Universities.

9) Repeated references to the indigenous tribal community of the country as “forest dwellers”. Upholding tribal cultural symbols. Arranging the history of tribals in such a way as to create cultural differences. Constantly ridiculing various social reformers.

For the training of gram sabhas, which has received a subsidy of crores of rupees from the government, only selected individuals and organizations who are supporters of Sangh ideology have been appointed by the VC and other stake holders have been purposely ignored, it has been alleged in the memorandum.

Considering all these activities, it appears that the VC has been working for and enforcing the particular ideology in the University. The VC should therefore be ousted immediately and the institute be run by democratic and secular thoughts, it was demanded.

Those present in the delegation were Mr. Vinod Madavi, Kunal Kowe, Vasant Kulsange, Nitin Pada, Archana Tekam, Vidya Duga, Raj Bansod, Milind Bambode, Nagsen Khobragade, Sudhir Walde and others.


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