3 naxals arrested in Gadchiroli


Gadchiroli Aug. 28 (District Correspondent) Police succeed in arresting 3 hardcore Naxalites. The government had announced a reward of 10 lakh rupees on these naxals.

  Based on confidential information, the police personnel of C-60 and CRPF Battalion 37 were conducting a joint anti-Naxal operation in Koyar forest area of AOP Laheri under Sub-Division Bhamragarh and arrested 02 hardcore Naxalites.
Gadchiroli police arrested 1 hardcore naxal while conducting anti-Naxal operation in Zarewada  forest area AOP Gatta under Sub-Division Hedri.

  These naxalites were arrested in two separate incidents. The naxalites arrested in Koyar Jungle area include  Ramesh Pallo age-29 years resident ofKoyar Tah. Bhamragarh and Tani alias ShashiPungati Age- 23 years resident of Paddur in Bhamragarh and the naxal arrested in ZarewadaJungle Area is Arjun alias Mahesh RainuNarote aged 27 years resident of Zarewada in Etapalli taluka.

  Ramesh Pallo worked as Action Team Member and Scout Team Member of Company 10 after being recruited in 2019.  Currently in the year 2021-22 he was working as a scout team member. He is involved in 03 murder, 08 encounter, 01 arson, 01 other in total 13 crimes.

  Tani alias Shashi Pungati  joined In July 2015. From 2016 to 2019, she was working as a member in Platoon No. 7.  She is involved in a total of 07 crimes including 04 murders and 03 encounters.

  Arjun alias Mahesh Rainu Narote  was recruited as a member of Permili Dalam in the year 2010 and worked till 2013. From the year 2013 he also worked in Platoon no.14. He was transferred to sironchaDalam in August 2013 and worked as member till 2018.  He was working in Bhamragarh Dalam from May 2018 till date.  He is involved in a total of 24 crimes such as 7 murders, 9 encounters, 2 arson, 2 decoity,1 robbery and 03 others.

  Reward of 4 lakh rupees on Ramesh Pallo.  4 lakhs on Tani alias Shashi PungatiHeechi.  02 lakhs on Arjun alias Mahesh Narote .

  Gadchiroli Police Force has succeeded in arresting a total of 57 hardcore naxalites so far in the two yearperiod of 2021-22 due to the effective anti-naxaliteoperation. This operation succeeded under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Ankit Goyal, DIG CRPF J.N. Meena.
The operation was conducted under the leadership of Additional Superintendent of Police 
Somay Munde, Sameer Sheikh and Anuj Tare.


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