24 health institutes in Gadchiroli selected for ‘Kayakalpa’ awards


Gadchiroli Dec. 23 (District Correspondent) As many as 24 health institutes in the district have been selected for special awards under ‘Kayakalpa’ scheme of the government in the year 2021-22. These institutes are 2 District level hospitals, 15 Primary Health Centres and 7 Rural Hospitals.

The district level hospitals are Government District Hospital and District Women and child hospital of Gadchiroli. The PHCs selected for the award are Sawangi, Deulgaon, Bhendala , Delanwadi, Pendhari, Karwafa, Kasansur, Tekdatala, Moyabeenpetha, Porla, Kurud, Koregaon, Mahagaon, Jimalgatta and Arewada while the Rural Hospitals are Aheri, Armori, Kurkheda,  Chamorshi, Dhanora, Etaplli and Korchi.

Kayakalpa scheme is being implemented in all health institutions and quality and convenience facilities, excellent services, biomedical waste management and sanitation are provided to all the beneficiaries. The award amount ranges from 50 thousand to 3 lakh. From this amount, the facility of the health institution will be further enhanced.

Health services are provided to the patients through district, women and child hospital, sub-district hospitals, rural hospitals and primary health centres. Legal measures are being taken by the government to improve the quality of the service of these hospitals and health centers. Rejuvenation of health institutions is evaluated by district level and state level committees and institutions that score more than 70 percent marks are selected for awards.

While selecting the health institution for the award, internal and external cleanliness, disinfection, biomedical waste management, drinking water system, water saving, waste water drainage and patient care records etc. are inspected. An incentive prize of 3 lakhs is given to the District Hospital and district Women and child hospital. An incentive prize of 1 lakh is being given to the sub district hospital, Armori and Kurkheda. Similarly, PHC Savangi is given a first prize of 2 lakhs. The health centres are given an incentive prize of 50 thousand each.


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