Weapon of Marxism needs to be sharpened-Com. Chavan.

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Com Subhash Ranade speaking at the camp as Com. Namdeo Chavan, Prakash Reddi, Dr. Mahesh Kopulwar and others are seated.

Gadchiroli Oct. 27 (District Correspondent) To solve the issues of dalits, adiwasis and labour class in the country a strong movement with the ideology of Phule-Shahu-Ambedkar needs to be launched and Marx and the weapon of Marxism is needed to be sharpened once again seeing the present changing political situation in the country, said Com Namdeo Chavan while addressing the inaugural session of the state council members camp at the Ganli Samaj Sabhagriha here this afternoon.

The camp was inaugurated at the hands of Com. Namdeo Chavan, State Secretary of CPI. Dr. Mahesh Kopulwar, State Council member, presided over the programme while Com. Prakash Reddi, Adv. Subhash Lande, Dr. Yugal Rayalu, Prof. Ram Baheti, Raju Desle, Shyam Kale, Rajan Kshirsagar, Adv. Madhuri Kshirsagar, Babli Rawat were prominently present.

Mr. Chavan further said the Marxist philosophy has been fighting the world over on the people’s issues. The issue of caste can’t be ignored by the Communists as there has been exploitation of people on the caste lines. There is a tremendous discontent among the people against the present dispensation and this discontent will have to be organized to throw away the exploiters from power.

Com. Ranade in his opening remarks said the Communist Party of India has always been fighting on the streets for the labourers, adiwasis and neglected class of society without compromising with its principles. It has compelled the government to take many revolutionary decisions like Forest Rights Act, 100 days employment, right to information and many such prop people things and this fight is still continuing.

The present government is ignoring the basis issues and is busy in just saving the chair. It has nothing to do with the people. It has to be ensured that the BJP does not come to power in the coming elections, he stated.

Dr. Kopulwar, in his presidential speech said all the like-minded parties and organizations are fighting together with an objective of saving democratic and secular fabric of the country which has been endangered by some fundamental forces. This struggle needs to be strengthened, he said.

Mr. Rohidas Raut of All india Republican Party, Ramdas Jarate of PWP, Sainu Gota of Gram Sabha, Raj Bansod of BRSP, Vinod Madavi, Kunal Kowe of Adiwasi Vikas Parishad also visited the camp and extended their best wishes to the participants. Com. Deorao Chawde made an introductory speech Adv. Jagdish Meshram conducted the programme and Vinod Zodge proposed the vote of thanks.




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