seven villages to ban naxal entry.

naxal ban
The villagers attending the meeting.

Gadchiroli June 19 (District Correspondent) The citizens of seven villages in the district have unanimously banned Naxal entry in their villages. Parayanar, Nelgunda, Kucher, Kawande, Gongwada, Mundapalli and Mahakapadi are the villages which took this decision in a meeting held at Dhodaraj Police Station under Bhamragarh sub-division recently, said the police in a statement.

Since the year 2003, the ‘Naxal Gaobandi’ scheme has been started by the government.  Pursuant to this scheme, benefit of various government schemes provided under Project Udan through Gadchiroli Police Force’s ‘Dadalora Khidki’ initiative.

The above seven villages are located at the extreme end of Gadchiroli district and are very close to Abuzmad area which is considered to be the stronghold of Maoists. Also, some of the villagers supported the Maoists. Due to this, the district and police administration were facing difficulties in reaching them. Therefore, the citizens here were indifferent towards the government.

In the last three years Gadchiroli police organized various public awareness meetings and other programmes under Dadalora Khidki. The trust of the villagers in the police force was strengthened as they succeeded in reaching the various schemes to the villagers. In the recent past, the vehicles of the workers who came to construct the mobile tower at Irpanar were set on fire by the Maoists and other materials were damaged, the innocent villagers were killed and beaten up by the Maoists on the suspicion that they were policemen. Various incidents of the hindrance in the development work of the villages also took place, upon which the villagers realized that the Maoists are misleading the people, said the police.

As a result of this, in the agricultural meeting held at Poste Dhodraj, the villagers of these seven villages passed this Naxal village- ban resolution and decided not to provide any food, ration, water to any Maoist organization in the village. The villagers said that they will not engage or train their children in any way to participate in the Maoist organization, attend Maoist meetings and fall prey to false propaganda. The villagers of Muddapalli took out the sharp iron bars buried in pits by the Maoists with the intention of harming the police team and handed them over to the police force, added the police.

SDPO Bhamragarh Amar Mohite and Officer-in-Charge of Post Dhodraj Sharad Kaklij played an important role in this. SP Nilotpal has congratulated the villagers and said that the citizens of other villages in the Abuzmad forest area should not fall prey to the false propaganda of the Maoists and should strive for the development of the village assuring necessary help.





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