Rahul Pendharkar to stage shows on Kurma Ghar.

kurma ghar
A view of Kurma Ghar

Gadchiroli June 3 (District Correspondent) Adivasi Gramin Sahitya Sanskrutik Mandal, a social organization headed by social activist and stage artist Rahul Pendharkar is going to stage a drama show on the age-old tribal practice of ‘Kurma Ghar’ (hut constructed outside the village for the stay of women during their periods) to create public awareness among the tribal community.

Adivasis are nature worshippers. They spend their life in closeness with the nature. Their traditional customs and rituals continue till this day. However, some of their customs and traditions are also superstitious. Kurma Ghar is one of such practice which is being observed even today.

‘Kurma-Ghar’ is a small hut built with a thatched roof and surrounding walls of bamboo, grass and mud. In Kurma Ghar, menstruating women have to stay for five days. Be it the scorching summer, bitter cold or heavy rain. At that time, due to the water leaking from the roof of the hut, the mud formed in it, the women have to face many problems. Sometimes, the women residing in such Kurma Ghar have also been attacked by the wild animals and many women have even died after being bitten by snakes and scorpions. The Kurma Ghar practice has thus become quite dangerous for the women but the practice still continues.

Considering this situation, Adivasi Gramin Sahitya Sanskrutik Mandal has produced a drama show to create awareness among the tribals to end this practice. Rangabhumi Pariskshan Mandal of the Maharashtra government has accorded its certificate to stage the drama. The mega drama shows will be staged by a group of fifty artistes in a tribal-dominated district, Pendhrakar has informed.

Mr. Rahul Pendharkar is the writer and director of this drama. Ms. Tina Urade and other artists are going to perform in these shows.




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