Public consciousness about constitution necessary says Anant Bhawre.


Gadchiroli Nov. 23 (District Correspondent) ‘The Constitution of India is greatest in the world but there is a lack of awareness about it. Unless the public consciousness is not awakened about the Constitution of India, democracy in the country will not succeed’, stated Mr. Anant Bhawre, Constitution expert from Aurangabad while addressing a ‘Constitution Awareness Meet’ at Sanvidhan Sabhagriha here this evening.

The ‘Sanvidha Janjagran Prachar Rally’ organized by Jeevan Mukti Social Foundation; Pune reached the city of Gadchiroli today that was welcomed by various social organizations. A meet was later on organized. Mr. Rohidas Raut, senior journalist presided over the meet and Mr. Dadasaheb Kamble, President of the Foundation was the chief guest.

Mr. Bhawre further said that several revolutions have taken place in the world but there was a bloodshed in all these revolutions. The revolution brought by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar through the Constitution has however did not shed a single drop of blood and is capable of bringing about social, political, economic and cultural change. Such a power and strength this constitution has, he pointed out.

This constitution has empowered the comman people and has the potential of empowering the country also through each and every article of it. The constitution, therefore, is needed to be propagated at massive level, said Mr. Bhawre.

In his presidential speech Mr. Raut said every individual should have the knowledge of the constitution and government should make sincere efforts for its propagation. It is unfortunate that some people consider that the constitution is meant for a particular segment of society. Efforts are being made to weaken it and such efforts should be foiled. The castiest mentality about the constitution needs to be removed.

At the outset Mr. Vilas Nimborkar delivered an introductory speech, Mr. Dhammanand Meshram conducted the programme, Mr. Gautam Meshram briefed the meet about the preparations of the ‘Walk for Sanvidhan and Sanvidhan Din’ programme to be held on Nov. 26 next in Gadchiroli. Mr. Dhammarao Tanadu proposed the vote of thanks. A large number of people attended the meet.



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