Privatization of sports dangerous for youths, says Dr. Namdeo Kirsan.


Gadchiroli Dec. 26 (District Correspondent) Organizing indigenous sports in rural areas encourages its growth. But the privatization of government sports grounds and stadiums decided by the central government is dangerous and an antidote to sports enthusiast, said Dr. Namdev Kirsan, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary.

GHe was speaking while inaugurating the Kabaddi match at village chambharda near here the other day. Gadchiroli, Shiv Sena district liaison chief Arvind Katratwar along with Congress SC Department District President Rajnikant Motghare were prominently present as the chief guests.

On this occasion, Kirsan strongly criticized the central government’s policy of privatization of government playgrounds and stadiums. He further said that  if dedicated players are prepared and training facilities are provided with the help of the government, they can participate in league tournaments and build their careers. But due to the central government’s policy of privatization of government sports grounds and stadiums, even sports will become commercialized and the poor and budding players will be deprived of the sports opportunities. Only those who can pay can get training. He warned that if the government shirks its responsibility in this way, it will kill the indigenous and all other sports.

Dr. Kirsan extended his best wishes to the players and said sportsmanship spirit is very necessary in man’s life and the games will boost up this spirit among the youths, he hoped. At the outset, Dr. Kirsan was introduced to the participant players. He than cut the ribbon to mark the inauguration of the match.

On this occasion, Deputy Sarpanch Sandip Albankar, Police Patil Ashwintai Lajurkar, Kishor Kirange, Shubhangitai Atram, Dilip Titram, Dudharam Patil Chanekar, Purushottam Patil Chanekar, Vilasji Thackeray, Moreshwar Halami, Jagdish Bawne, Lomeshji Urkude, Madhukar Halami, Dadaji Patil Phukte, Mukhru Patil Chanekar, Manohar Patil Lajurkar, Suresh Patil Thackeray and villagers were present in large numbers.

Photo Dr. Namdeo kirsan cutting the ribbon as other guests look on.


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