PI Khandwe suspended for misbehaving with JMFC.


Gadchiroli May 26 (District Correspondent) An offence has been registered against the Police Station Officer of Chamorshi Rajesh Khandwe for misbehaving and threatening the Chamorshi JMFC. Khandwe has also been placed under suspension immediately for this act.

Gadchiroli DIG Sandeep Patil, under whose jurisdiction the area is covered, has confirmed the action.

According to reports, Mr. Khandwe entered the residence of the JMFC, Chamorshi in the early morning of June 25 and misbehaved with him by talking to him in the unruly manner and also threatened him as the Magistrate had recently passed an order of registering offence against Khandwe for beating up senior leader Atul Ganyarpawar by calling him to the Police Station. Mr. Ganyarpawar had filed a case in this regard with the JMFC recently.

After the order was issued by the Magistrate, Khandwe got angry and he directly rushed to the Magistrate’s residence and misbehaved with him. The police officer also is reported to have threatened the Magistrate for passing an order.

The magistrate complained the matter to the SP along with the necessary evidence demanding action against Khandwe. Accordingly, an offence was registered against Khandwe at the Gadchiroli Police Station initially and then transferred to Chamorshi Police Station for further action.

A Police Inspector from Etapalli has been appointed as PSO of Chamorshi, told the SP Nilotpal.

It should be mentioned here that Mr. Khandwe had severely beaten up Mr. Ganyarpawar after calling him to the Police Station on April 20 last in which the latter had received multiple injuries including a fracture in his hand. It was in this case that Ganyarpawar had filed a case against Khandwe seeking action against him. The magistrate, after hearing both the sides, had passed an order of registering offence against Khandwe.




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