NEP aimed at all round progress of students, says JNV’s Rajan Gajbhiye.

navodaya vidyalaya
Mr. Rajan Gajbhiye addressing the press conference as others are seated.

Gadchiroli July 27 (District Correspondent) Stating that the New Education Policy (NEP) is all inclusive and aimed at the all-round progress of the students, Vice Principal of Javahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Rajan Gajbhiye said the education department is all set to effectively implement this policy.

Addressing the press conference at the Press Club here on Wednesday, Mr. Gajbhiye told the NEP has been started from 2020 and its structure has been changed in four phases of 5+3+3+4. By 2030 this policy will be totally implemented all over the country, he informed.

The NEP has been formulated for the multi diciplinary education of the students and it intends to achieve social, academic and physical progress.It also aims to ensure the quality education at all levels, beginning from the pre- schooling to higher education, Gajbhiye told. The policy is flexible and the students are free to select their choice subjects and complete the cources in different fields, he added.

The new education policy further aims at education beyond the text books and provides credit-based marks system besides encouraging the students for the use of technology. It has stressed on the formation of National Research foundation (NRF) for the research and innovation in education, Gajbhiye further told.

NEP 2020 is structured around the guiding principles of admissions, equality, affordability and responsibility and encourages multi-disciplinary studies. All the necessary preparations are being made for the actual implementation of this policy in the district, told Mr. Gajbhiye.

Transforming India into a vibrant knowledge society and global knowledge super power suited to 21 st century needs, bringing out the unique capabilities of each student, promoting critical thinking and learning and encouragement to scientific temperament, developing knowledge and skill are some of the important features of the policy, Gajbhiye told.

The Javahar Navodaya Vidyalaya has been performing well since its establishment in the district and many of its students are presently occupying high posts in the administration as well as other sectors, he informed.

Also present at the press conference were Mr. amarsingh Gedam, Extension Officer, Vijay Indorkar, Artharam Maitri, Dhananjay Chandekar, PG Teachers.

Photo Mr. Rajan Gajbhiye addressing the press conference as others are seated.



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