Marathi Professors Convention held at Kurkheda.

marathi professors
Dr. Nandkumar More speaking at the convention as Dr. Rajabhau Munghate and others are seated.

Gadchiroli Feb. 21 (District Correspondent) ‘Language professors should strive for human welfare and development of society because the role of language professors is important in the progress of society’.

This was stated by Dr. Nandkumar More from Kolhapur University while  speaking to inaugurate the 33rd session of Marathi Professor Parishad organized by Dandakaranya Educational and Cultural Development Research Institute Gadchiroli at Shri Govindrao Munghate College of Arts and Sciences, Kurkheda the other day.

President of the institution Dr. Rajabhau Munghate presided over the programme. Dr. Shrikant Nakade of RSTM Nagpur University, Dr. Pramod Munghate, Retired Marathi Department Head, Dr. Ganesh Mohod, President of Marathi Faculty Council, Dr. Hiraji Banpurkar, Dr. Rajendra Watane, Vice Principal Prof. P. S. Khope, Convener Dr. Narendra Arekar were prominently present.

Dr. More further said India is a multi-lingual country that is diverse in many aspects. People of many castes and religions live together in this country. There is so much diversity here that even if you travel in one country, you feel like you have travelled in many countries. People here have love and affection for each other. But for the past few years we have been reading the news that people are hating each other. In such a situation, we cannot make progress by thinking narrowly. Everyone has to think developmentally.

Our culture is to live together, so love one another. No matter which corner of the country we are born in, we are one as human being. Only if such spirit is maintained, the country will move forward. Marathi language professors should prepare courses that create patriotism and should maintain the sanctity of this field, Dr. More expressed asserted.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Pramod Munghate said, “Other sciences are telling how the world is but language is telling how a person should be? Therefore, in this new educational policy, the responsibility of language professors has increased.

Language professors should spread the feeling of love in the society. For this the Boards of Studies should take care in designing the syllabus. The professor of Marathi is the backbone of the college. Marathi professors should also accept new challenges, should remain flexible and accept new changes, Dr. Munghate said. He also asserted that efforts should be made to make the students of the college benefit from the knowledge they have acquired.

Prof. Mokshada Manohar, conducted the opening session.  Introductory speech was delivered by Dr. Narendra Arekar and Hemlata Urade proposed the vote of thanks.

Many professors of Marathi language from Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur and Gondwana University Gadchiroli participated in this two-day convention. The faculty and non-teaching staff of the college are working hard under the guidance of Principal Dr. Rajabhau Munghate for the success of this convention.

Photo Dr. Nandkumar More speaking at the convention as Dr. Rajabhau Munghate, Dr. Pramod Munghate and others are seated.




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