Journalists Training Camp held at Wani.

Journalists Training
Mr. Deonath Gandate guiding the journalists.

Wani (Yaotmal) Feb. 19 (Our Correspondent) A one-day journalist training camp was organized by Smile Foundation and Vani Bahuguni News Portal at Vasant Jining Auditorium here. Around 60 journalists from Wani, Maregaon, Zari talukas along with Pandharakawda and Chandrapur participated in this camp. Senior journalists provided valuable guidance while newcomers participated enthusiastically.

Former MLA Wamanrao Kasawar inaugurated the training camp while Mr. Ashish Khulsange, president of Vasant Jining, presided over the program.

In this workshop held in two sessions, senior journalists Ankush Wakade from Yavatmal, Dinesh Gandhe, digital media expert Devnath Gandate from Chandrapur along with Srivallabh Sarmokadam, President of Darpan Patrakar Sangha Jabbar Chini, Jitendra Kothari, Nikesh Jilthe guided the participants on variety of subjects related to the digital media.

The program was attended by Prof. Dilip Alone, Director of Vasant Jinning, Prakash Makalwar, Ghanshyam Nikhade, Wildlife Photographer Devanand Sakharkar, Dr. Mahendra Lodha, Journalist Santosh Kundkar, Tushar Atkare of Press Welfare Association, Sandeep Besarkar of Jagurt Journalists Association, Deepak Chhajed of News Media Association, Journalists Sunil Patil, Parashuram Pote were prominently present.

Speaking at the inaugural function, Mr. Vamanrao Kasawar commented on today’s journalism in the country and expressed the opinion that it is necessary for journalists to strengthen democracy by doing independent journalism. In the presidential speech, Ashish Khulsange suggested that journalists are the mirror of the society and that journalists should do journalism with a positive attitude.

In the first session of the program, Nikesh Jilthe gave guidance on the topic of Journalism and News Writing and Srivallabh Sarmokadam on the topic of Language in News, News Angle. Jabbar Chini guided on the subject of Investigative Journalism.

In the second session, Dinesh Gandhe guided on the changes in journalism in the last 30 years, the various challenges faced while doing news in a humorous style.  Ankush Wakade gave a brief overview of journalism around the world and commented on the source of news, professional journalism etc.

Mr. Devnath Gandate informed the trainees about the current nature of digital media and the various tools used for it.

The program was moderated by Mr. Sagar Jadhav while introduction of the program was done by Jitendra Kothari. Tanmay Kapse thanked the attendees. Mr. Piyush Atram of Smile Foundation along with Atul Duff, Abhilash Rajurkar, Adarsh ​​Dadhe, Vishwas Sundarani, Utkarsh Dhande, Khushal Mandhere, Aniket Vasrikar, Rohit Ojha, Kunal Atram, Prem Bavane, Rudraksh, Kanake, Raj Bharatkar, Manish Milmile, Akash Rajurkar, Ghanshyam Hepat worked hard for the success of this camp.

Photo Mr. Deonath Gandate guiding the journalists.


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