High power explosives recovered by police from Bedgaon forest.

Police and BDDS jawans seen at the explosives site.

Gadchiroli Sept. 24 (District correspondent) The Gadchiroli police have succeeded in recovering the explosives dumped by the Maoists and foiled the major bid of the outlaws.

Between 21st and 28th September, Maoists celebrate the Merger Week. During this period, Maoists use various types of weapons and explosive materials to carry out various anti-government activities and secretly store the explosive materials underground in the forest area to threaten the security forces. Such tactics are used by the Maoists on various Naxal Weeks and other occasions. The Gadchiroli police force however, foiled a big attempt by the Naxalites to execute the major violence.

On Sept. 23 last, the police jawans from Purada Police Station under sub-division Kurkheda were conducting the anti-Naxal operations in the Bedgaon Hills area, after receiving reliable information that the Maoists of Korchi and Tipagad Dalam have buried a large number of explosives and other materials with the intention of causing a major casualty by damaging the police teams.

While searching the forest area with the DSMD equipment under the guidance of the seniors, Purada police team came across a suspicious place and informed Mr. Additional Superintendent of Police and also called the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) team from Gadchiroli to the place of the incident. While inspecting the said place, as many as 4 white colored pouches filled with explosives were found in approximately one and a half to two feet deep in the ground. When it was checked by the BDDS team with an explosive kit, it was confirmed that it contained 11.8 kilograms of high explosive.

, and legal action has been taken against the material found at the spot. Also further investigation in this regard is being conducted by PSI Laxman is doing Akkamwad under the guidance of the seniors.

The said operation was conducted successfully under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Nilotpal, Additional Superintendent of Police (Campaign) Anuj Tare, Additional SP (Administration) Kumar Chinta, Additional SP (Aheri) Yatish Deshmukh, Sub Divisional Police Officer, Kurkheda Sahil Zarkar, the officer-in-charge of Purada Bhushan Pawar.

Mr. Nilotpal has appreciated the police jawans participating in the campaign. He has also directed to intensify the anti-Naxalite campaign in the area and has appealed to the Maoists to give up the violent path of Maoism and surrender and lead a dignified life.


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