Fraud case registered against Bhadange.


Gadchiroli Aug. 22 (District Correspondent) A case of fraud has been registered in Gadchiroli police station against former municipal councilor Chandrasekhar Bhadange in connection with the construction and sale of shops. The case has been registered on the order of the First Class (JMFC).

In this regard, the complainant Suresh Padmashali had complained to the police that a case should be registered under the Fraud and Senior Citizens Protection Act, but no action was taken by the police. He thus rushed to the court. Adv. Siddhik Mansuri argued on behalf of Padmashali. Accordingly, the magistrate has ordered the police inspector of Gadchiroli station to investigate the matter.

According to Mr. Padmashali, Bhadange advised him to set up a shop on his plot behind the police station and promised that he will sell the shops for Rs 20 to 25 lakh each. Accordingly, it was decided to build 2 blocks in the beginning. Bhadange assured to purchase these shops at the cost of Rs 20 lakh each. So Padmashali constructed 2 more blocks and paid Rs. 17.53 lakhs in the form of cash and check for the partial construction done by Bhadange and demanded to pay him 40 lakh rupees after completing the 2 blocks as agreed upon. But Bhadange refused. Further, Bhadange neither constructed the blocks nor purchased them, complained Padmashali.

Padmashali complained that Bhadange has cheated him financially by luring to earn money and has caused him mental trouble, so legal action should be taken against him. PSI Gajanan Totewad is conducting further investigation in this matter



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