Follow Buddha’s teaching for peace and love-Tularam Raut.


Gadchiroli Oct. 9 (District Correspondent) ‘Enmity increases enmity, enmity can be ended by non-enmity. So don’t be hateful or revengeful to others. Love everyone and they will love you. If such an atmosphere of love is created, there will be peace not only in the society but in the whole country and the entire world too’. This is the preaching of Lord Buddha that everyone needs to follow and practice.

This was stated by Mr. Tularam Raut, district President of the Buddhist Society of India (BSI) while addressing the Varshavaas Samapan programme at Samyak Buddha Vihara in Gokul Nagar here on Sunday morning.

The ‘Varshavaas’ was observed between Ashadhi Purnima to Vaishakhi Purnima by the Buddhist followers that concluded today with Buddha Vandana and Paritran Paath. The ritual was performed by Mr. Raut himself.

In his thought-provoking discourse, Mr. Raut further said we do the exercise for the fitness of our body but what exercise we follow for the fitness of our mind, he asked and advised that the keeping one’s mind pure and clean also is equally necessary for the overall progress of a person.

The maintenance of our mind is quite necessary that will keep us away from the bad habits. As we cultivate the land with proper care, as we maintain our house with suitable roof, we should maintain our mind also for the good outcome. That is the teaching of Buddha, Raut told giving several references in the holy ‘Dhammapada’.

At the outset, portraits of Lord buddha and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar were garlanded. Mr. Jagan Jambhulkar conducted the programme and also proposed the vote of thanks. Also present on the occasion were Mr. Hansraj Undirwade, Kawduji Undirwade, Gautam Meshram, Sumitra Raut, Manisha Walke and others besides large number of people.

Photo Mr. Tularam Raut delivering a lecture in Samyak Buddha Vihara.


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