Education alone can remove superstition, says Maha ANIS.


Gadchiroli Sept. 16 (District Correspondent) A program was organized at Anandabai Kumbhare High School at Mudza near here to inculcate scientific attitude among the students and understand the reason behind so called miracles.

Mr. Vasant Bharre, Principal of the school presided, while Mr. Vilas Nimbokar, State Co-ordinator of Maha Annis’ Scientific Awareness Education Project, Mr. Vitthalrao Kothare, District Working President and Mr. Upendra Rohankar, senior activist were present as the chief guides.

Mr. Rohankar, while guiding the students, said that education removes the darkness of ignorance in a person and thus helps in the disappearance of superstition, so the students should try to expose whatever miracles happen by taking higher education. Education alone can help in removing the superstition and creating scientific view, he added.

Mr. Kothare explained what the scientific approach is and gave various examples to dispel the superstitions of the students by performing various miracle-based demonstrations before the students.

Mr. Vilas Nimborkar launched a public awareness campaign by exposing the hypocritical sadhus who cheated the common people by showing the so-called miracles and make money.  It is very unfortunate that the society has not come out of the illusion of superstition. On the contrary, taking advantage of science, some hypocritical sadhus are seen deceiving people by covering the veil of spirituality and showing miracles, he stated.

We have to understand that there is no divine power or siddhi or mantra behind the miracle, but pure scientific and chemical reactions are used to perform miracles. There is a scientific scientific reason behind every miracle which needs to be understood to unmask the sadhus, Nimorkar said.

For the success of the program, the school teacher Ms. V S Meshram,  PT Srirame and other staff members took pains.  Students were present in large numbers.


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