Dr. Shriram Lagoo’s birth anniversary celebrated by ANIS.


Gadchiroli Nov. 19 (District Correspondent) The birth anniversary of Dr Shriram Lagoo was celebrated by Maharashtra Superstition Eradication Committee Gadchiroli at Maha Annis Office here the other day.

Mr. Vilas Nimborkar, State Co-ordinator of Maha Annis’ Scientific Awareness Education Project presided while District Working President Vitthalrao Kothare, District Principal Secretary Vilas Parkhi, Treasurer Govindrao Bramhanwade, Purushottam Thackeray, Vamanrao Bhoyar were prominently present.

Mr. Nimborkar, while giving information about Dr. Lagoo, said that Dr. Lagoo was of the realist mindset and was of the opinion that one should accept what is true in nature. Therefore, he never believed that there is any invisible divine power that makes our life good or bad. On the contrary, he was one of those who believed that a person who does not believe in realistic and scientific things from his life can never progress.

Mr. Nimborkar further said that being a man with scientific approach and a socialist who believed in rational thought, he always advocated for the superstition free society. He supported Dr. Narendra Dabholkar shoulder to shoulder in growing the tree called Maha Annis.

On this occasion, other dignitaries also shed light on the life work of Dr. Sriram Lagoo. After the birth anniversary of Dr. Sriram Lagoo, the active worker of Maha Annis. The program was moderated by the joint secretary of the city branch Mr. Upendra Rohankar and vote of thanks was given by Mr. Sudhakar Dudhabavare.


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