Dr. Rani Bang felicitated by Aadhar Vishwa Foundation.

dr rani bang
Dr. Rani Bang being felicitated by Geeta Hinge and others.

Gadchiroli March 21 (District correspondent) Padmashri Dr. Rani Bang, Director of social organization SEARCH was felicitated  by Aadhaar Vishwa Foundation recently for her contribution in health and social services.

Rani Bang was presented a shawl, could and a badge of honour at the hands of Ms.  Geeta Hinge, president of Aadhaar Vishwa Foundation.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Bang said ‘I cannot express in words how happy I am that so many people have come to meet me today with so much affection. I have a lot more work to do after I fully recover from the illness and I would love to work with you all,” she added. Dr. Bang praised the work of Aadhaar Vishwa Foundation and all the members present and extended them best wishes for the further work. All the present members were overwhelmed by Rani Tai’s speech.

Ms. Geeta hinge said that since 1987, I have been in the company of Rani Tai and participated in the alcohol freedom movement in the district.  I learned a lot from her. She is my role model, my source of inspiration.

Even though Dr. Bang recovered from such a serious illness just a few days ago and really needs to rest but even today she looks at the patients with the same love and affection. This shows how much she cares about the patients.

At the beginning of the program, Ms. Vijaya Chavan and Ujwala Shinde sang the prayer of Aadhaar Vishwa ‘Hich Amuche Prathana , Hech Amuche Magne’ upon which Dr. Bang could not hold back her tears.  Vice President Vina Jambewar, Secretary Sunita Salve, Members Vijaya Mane, Anjali Deshmukh, Sunita Alewar, Priya Nishane, Vijaya Chavan, Ujwala Shinde, System Nyalewar, Preeti Meshram, Pratima Sonwane, Gayatri Gedam and Sunanda Khorgade were present on the occasion.

Photo Dr. Rani Bang being felicitated by Ms. Geeta hinge and others.


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