Double Standard !


Pin Point                                                                                    By Shrinivas Gedam

I don’t know what others think but my own observation says that, ‘Man is not interested in saying I am a man! He is more interested in telling his caste. It must be a bit embarrassing to say caste for those who are considered inferior, but those who belong to the so-called elite caste royally say I belong to so-and-so caste! Some have even changed their original surname and started writing their own caste or religion in that place!

Caste still exists. Caste can be defined as a thing which never ends. The people who say that they don’t believe in casteism, also follows caste. Caste may not be observed in public places but in personal life, caste and religion are followed. When advertisement of marriage is published in the in the newspaper, it is clearly mentioned that “backward class groom will not be acceptable! Today’s situation is that a girl will remain a virgin once for life but will not marry a backward class youth! No matter how handsome, promising and well qualified a boy is, his caste is given importance. His quality is not important. Long speeches are made about inter caste marriages but they themselves do not practice at all. In fact, the practice should be started by MLAs, MPs and other public representatives.

Some people always speak against reservations. Everyone takes advantage of reservation but all the anger is directed at a particular community. There are several communities belonging to Scheduled Castes and all of them are Hindus but they are subjected to injustice and atrocities even today by their own brothers. However, nobody comes for their help. Only the Buddhists are seen agitating against such incidents of injustice person comes running to help.

You are doing nothing to redress the injustices that have been inflicted on them for generations. Not believing in caste is not a favour. It must manifest itself in a spirit of repentance. Eradicate caste first, we will leave all the facilities on our own. Privatization is happening on a large scale…. there are no jobs. What we are going to do with the reservation in such a situation?  If we speak about political reservation, even there the elected person does not raise out problems.  They just keep flattering their parties. That is why Babasaheb demanded separate electorate. It is the ground situation of this country that a  learned man like Babasaheb cannot be elected only because of caste system.


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