Dont run junk buses on roads-demands Republican Party.

republican party
Republican Party workers submitting a memorandum to MSRTC officer.

Gadchiroli March 6 (District correspondent) The All-India Republican Party has demanded that the ST Corporation should immediately stop plying junk and outdated buses on the roads and start plying closed buses in rural areas.

A delegation of the party workers met the authorities of Gadchiroli Depot on Tuesday and submitted a written memorandum in this regard.

Many accidents have occurred in Gadchiroli district due to the fact that the buses are run in bad condition and due to which the passengers always have to travel in an atmosphere of fear and insecurity. Most of the time the passengers are not able to reach their destinations on time and they also have to suffer mental, financial and physical hardships. Considering all these aspects, the running of junk buses should be stopped immediately and only buses that are in good condition should be run, it was demanded.

Similarly, many buses in rural areas are closed due to which passengers cannot travel. Unfortunately, they have to travel with whatever vehicle that is available on time, risking their life and spending extra money. The buses in the rural areas should be started immediately to provide relief to the passengers, it was further demanded.

Republican Party District President Hansraj Undirwade, General Secretary Pralhad Raipure, Office Secretary Ashok Khobragade, Mahila Aghadi General Secretary Jyoti Undirwade, Youth Aghadi District President Narendra Raipure, Taluka Vice President Vijay Devtale were present in the delegation.




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