Bramhanwade condemns senate decision, warns agitation.


Gadchiroli Jan. 23 (District Correspondent) Some more political and social organizations in the district have come forward against the recent decision of Gondwana University senate to name the University Hall after RSS leader Dattaji Didolkar.

District Congress committee President Mahendra Bramhanwade has issued a statement condemning the said decision and demanded early withdrawal.

In order to create a new identity for Gadchiroli district, to preserve the culture here, to study them and to create a new identity for the locals along with education, a university was started in Gadchiroli district. The university, which has jurisdiction in Chandrapur-Gadchiroli district, was also named Gondwana University to suit both the district and its culture

It is wrong to name the hall after Dattaji Dindolkar who has no connection with the district, instead of the revolutionaries of the district. This is an insult to the great men of the district. Congress party is publicly condemning the university, Bramhanwade has said.

We also condemn the University which has tarnished the image of Gadchiroli district, the senate members who approved the proposal and the BJP government, which is putting pressure on them, Bramhanwade has further said.

Mr. Bramhanwade has warned that decisions that has hurt the sentiments of the people of the district will not be tolerated at all and has demanded that the said decision of naming the hall after Didolkar be withdrawn immediately.  There will be a massive mass agitation by the district Congress, if the decision is not withdrawn, Bramhanwade has warned.


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