Bhimrao Panchale enthralls fans with heart touching ghazals.


Gadchiroli Jan. 2 (District Correspondent) Dandakaranya Educational and Cultural Development Research Institute established in 1972 by late Mr. Govindrao Munghate is celebrating its golden jubilee this year. In the rich tradition of creative and artistic development initiated by the institute, a ‘Ghazal Sandhya’ concert by renowned Ghazalnawaz Bhimrao Panchale was organized at Sumanand Auditorium here the other day.

Vice-Chancellor of Gondwana University Dr. Prashant Bokare, former MP Marotrao Kowase, Secretary Dr. Pramod Munghate, President of the institution Prin. Dr. Rajabhau Munghate, Vice President Devaji Narule were present as the chief guests for this concert.

In this Ghazal Sandhya, Bhimrao Panchale’s melodious and heart touching ghazals were experienced by Gadchirolian and they gave tremendous response to each and every gazal by thunderous applause.

At the outset, Mr. Panchale elaborated on the importance of ghazal and said that the human mind needs ghazal. Ghazal is a powerful medium of expression. Ghazal is the name of philosophy and lifestyle. Breath ghazal, have faith in ghazal and live ghazal. Change the world of hatred, humanity’s obsession ghazal, song humming life ghazal, this pulsating ghazal in the deep heart.

Ghazal Kar Bhimrao Panchale has to be credited for bringing ghazal to the people through his unique style of swaras. Through his ghazals, he united the lovers with many ghazals such as the vision of humanity, love, women oppression. Bhimrao Panchale performed ghazals of many ghazal artists including Suresh Bhat, Elahi Jamadar and others.

While presenting a ghazal on the real face of man, he sang ‘Andaz arshacha wate khara asawa- Bahutek mansacha to chehra asawa. He further sang ‘Mi kinare saraktana pahile’, ‘Harnyas ek nava daw pahije’, ‘Tu nabhatle tare’ and sweet ghazals during his three hour long show amidst the presence of hundreds of ghazal lovers.

While singing a ghazal on the humanity of man he presented ‘Wachleli, aikaleli manse geli kuthe’, pustakatun pahileli, pustakatun bhetaleli manse geli kuthe’. ‘Jakhma asha sugandhi’, Garibachya lagnala nawri gori kay kali kay’ were also the ghazals which touched the fans and evoked appreciation.


The golden jubilee of Bhimrao Panchale’s ghazal journey was also celebrated through this programme.

On this occasion, Gondwana University Pro VC Dr. Sriram Kawle, Director of Examination and Evaluation Board Dr. Anil Chittade, Humanities Dean Dr. A.  Chandramouli, Playwright and Director Prin. Sadanand Borkar Member of the Sanstha Dr. Suresh Ladke, Vandana Munghate, Smita Ladke, Sudha Munghate,   and all the employees of the constituent institutes were present.

Bhimrao Panchale enthralled the audience for three hours in a city like Gadchiroli for which Dandakaranya Shikshan Sanstha is being praised by all.

The program was conducted by Dr.  Narendra Arekar, Dr. Pramod Munghate made an introductory speech and Saurabh Munghate thanked the attendees.

Photo Mr. Bhimrao Panchale presenting ghazal. Mr. Panchale is being felicitated by Dr. Pramod munghate as Dr. Rajabhau Munghate looks on.





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