Anusaya Maternity Home presents ‘gift of medicines’ to women patients.

gift of medicines
Dr. Shilu Chimurkar, Vasudha Kopulwar and others seen at the programme.

Gadchiroli Jan. 26 (District Correspondent) Anusaya Maternity Surgical and Nursing Home organized a unique activity to mark the festival of ‘Makar Sankranti’ recently at Armori with a slight change in this traditional method.

Makar Sankranti is the intimate and beloved subject of women. On the occasion of Sankranti, women hold Haldi- Kunku program at their homes and give gifts to each other which is known as ‘waan’.

Well known Gynaecologist Dr. Shilu Chimurkar however distributed the ‘waan’ of medicines and medical treatment to the women patients by bringing them together. Specially, without giving a gift of any items she distributed, vitamins, calcium and essential pills and medicines to the women and celebrated the festival in a altogether different way setting thereby an example before the society.

Due to extreme lack of awareness among women and society towards their own health, the disease grows stronger. Considering this an activity called “Gift of Health” was organized on 25th January at Anusaya Maternity Surgical and Nursing Home, Armori on the occasion of Makar Sankranti to guide the women on how to take care of their health.

Social activists Vasudha Kopulwar, Shakuntala Gantawar, retired teacher Chavan, Bagmare were prominently present in this program.

On this occasion, Dr. Shilu Chimurkar guided all the women on the importance of ‘til-gul’ for health, care to be taken in daily life and healthy life. The vitamin and calcium tablets were given to women who came for treatment, lactating mothers and women who underwent surgery for various diseases. Two ceremony of ‘loot’ was also organized for the babies born in the hospital to mark the Girl Child Day.

Anusaya Maternity Surgical and Nursing Home located on Wadsa Road in Armori was started 4 months back. Since the beginning, healthcare has been provided with a vow of social service. There were no modern health facilities in this area hence the patients here had to go to distant cities for their treatment. However, since the establishment of Anusaya Maternity Surgical and Nursing Home, the inconvenience of the patients here has been removed. Now the patients from remote areas such as Armori, Wadsa, Kurkheda, Korchi started coming to this hospital for treatment.

Gynaecologist Dr. Shilu Chimurkar has done 11 successful surgeries so far in just 4 months. 8 of these surgeries were related to uterus. Women need to clean the amniotic sac for many reasons. By successfully handling such risky surgeries, Dr. By Chimurkar has solved the problems of women and has given them lifer. She also dealt with other gynaecological  problems of the women such as white discharge, missed periods, itching, redness after sex etc.

The initiative of Dr. Chimurkar is being appreciated in the area.


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