No expected progress of SC STs even after spending huge funds- Dr. Dilip Barsagade.


Gadchiroli Dec. 1 (District correspondent) ‘Even after launching various schemes like Special Component Plan, Scheduled Tribes Sub Plan, Scheduled Castes Special Plan for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes beneficiaries of the state, no enough progress of these sections has been achieved. These schemes are needed to be implemented more effectively and transparent manner so that all the needy and poor people of the backward communities could achieve their progress’.

This was stated by Prof. Dr. Dilip Barsagade, Assistant Professor in Phuley Ambedkar college of Social Work and President of SPARSH Sanstha while speaking at the workshop of the social organization representatives at Samidha college of civil Services, Adpalli (Gogaon) near here on Wednesday.

The district office of Social Justice department had organized this workshop as a part of ongoing Samta Parva that is being observed between nov. 26 and Dec. 6.

Mr. rohidas Raut, senior joiurnalist and social worker presided over the programme while Mr. Kalidas Raut, President of the College, Ramesh Pote, superintendent of Social Welfare office, Avinash Achla, Principal of the college were prominently present.

Dr. Barsagade further said it is a big question as to where the funds shown to have been spent on the welfare schemes go needs be answered. There is no any mechanism to supervise or monitor the outcome of the funds spent by the Social Justice department. Also, there is no sufficient staff at the lower level for such monitoring. It is necessary to think over this aspect, he suggested.

Mr. Raut in his presidential speech said it is unfortunate that there has been no expected social and economic equality among the people even after 75 years of Independence and 72 years of the implementation of the constitution. Even though our constitution promises this equality, no such a picture is seen on the ground level hence more efforts are needed to be made to fill the growing gap of poverty and social inequality.

Mr. Kalidas Raut appreciated the social justice department’s efforts of holding seminar on such an important topic and hoped it would help the citizens. Mr. Ramesh Pote made an introductory speech and explained the objective of the workshop. Mr. Manish Ganwir conducted the programme and Ms. Rupali Aprajit proposed the vote of thanks.

Photo Mr. Rohidas Raut speaking at the workshop as Dr. Dilip Barsagade and others are seated.


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